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Through political and social agendas, the organization hopes to alleviate these problems. This is the importance of their moral and legal frameworks in implementing their policies throughout the international community as well as in the United States. The group drives towards specified results, rather than giving advice they prefer to act on those important issues that the country is facing. Instead of focusing on studies that are related to the problems, the organization goes further by implementing policies that will work to provide solutions to the problems that they have defined Vashem, , 1.

Through these actions, the organization hopes to go beyond the academic and research focused idealization of human rights to actual real world polices that will hopefully affect some change.

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The human rights movement began after WWII, when the international community combined their will in order to lay the foundations of human rights law throughout the world. These laws focus on the mandates of human interest, and were developed in the aftermath of the genocides of the early 20 th century. Through the implementation of these ideological concerns, the HRS provides an organized effort to implement the will underlying the human rights movement and the progression of its goals.

The movement is essentially a push towards not only the education of people in society, but also the guarantee of specific rights that are deemed as important for individuals to lead a good life. These rights revolve around the idea that there should be a basic framework for what is considered fundamental to human freedom. This framework can then be acted upon through the implementation of policies set forth by the movement.

In this way, the movement essentially hopes to help the development of human rights throughout the world.

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The movement essentially addresses the need to distinguish those actions that can be considered in violation to the rights that the international community considers essential for the stability of human lives. Through this specification, a legal framework can be developed to address human rights abuses in countries worldwide. This is the fundamental consideration of the ideologies of human rights. The movement is based on the ideas of democracy and underscores the importance of sovereignty of its members.

These policies focus on issues concerning racial discrimination and human trafficking.

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They develop the methodology for addressing these types of issues and promote the consideration of the international community in regards to human rights those who abuse them. The HRF undertakes various forms of activism. Through the implementation of volunteers, political lobbyists, and legal advisors, the group not only undertakes political activism, but also social, and legal activism as well. In this way, the organization is multifaceted, and represents the full dynamics of the human rights organization. In this way, the group is essentially an implementation of a framework for the advancement of the movement.

This is the type of organization that they can be categorized as. The HRF plays an organizational and executive role in the human rights movement. Through the implementation of its objectives, the group not only provides a framework for the development of lobbyist and volunteer networks, but also provides insights into the legal and academic aspects of human rights. Through the studies that have been done by the group, various human rights issues have been addressed Amnesty International, , 2. These issues have been, in many ways, alleviated in some areas, however, there are many issues that the group hopes to provide focus toward in regards to the international community.

Through undertaking these forms of activism, the organization is able to achieve its mandate through the implementation of policies and setting out of goals that provide guidance, as well as moral frameworks, for the human rights movement to carry forward.

These policies are able to guide the movement through the organization of ideologies as well as the implementation of specific steps in order to reach those ideologies. In this way, the group is able to work towards the mandate that they set out to achieve. In this respect, the group seems to have been successful. Their efforts in the international community as well as through local activism have helped to spur the human rights movement to work towards ending these issues.

Not only has the group helped to alleviate issues concerning human poverty but of human slavery and trafficking as well. In this way, they have been a guiding factor in the international humanitarian movement and its ability to affect positive change worldwide Kaplan, , 2. This ability is the strength of the organization, and the positive influence that it has had on the worldwide community.

The growing number of refugees around the world is seen as a big human rights concern throughout the international community. By providing support to international workers, the organization has helped to provide relief to refugees around the world. By doing so, the HRF has increased the amount of effort that is put towards this issues by individuals and countries around the world.

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These efforts have had some impact on the issues that the group has focused on, however, there are many factors involved in these issues, and it is difficult to make progress on such as scale. Through political organization, lobbying, and activism the group was able to help to hold the United States government accountable for increasing their efforts to end human trafficking. Through the implementation of their policies they were able to provide a legal framework for the accountability of agencies in the United States to resolve these issues, thereby supporting the international community ABA, , 9.

However, the organization understands that these issues are ongoing, and there must be an effort by the international community as a whole to end these problems before anything can really be done. The organization has measured its success on its ability to adhere to the goals that it has set forth for itself. Furthermore, the organization has measured its success on its ability to provide the moral standards of its framework in society.

In this way, the ability of the organization to challenge the international world to provide better human rights efforts to its citizens is one of its greatest achievements. Despite the success of the organization, there are still many challenges facing the international human rights movement. The organization is pursuing various human rights endeavours currently, including torture, human sex trafficking, and racial discrimination in the United States itself. These issues present the organization with many problems that it still must face going forward, however, its endeavours are believed to have a positive and profound impact concerning human rights on the world stage Rugha, , 3.

Through these efforts, the group has worked to alleviate injustices worldwide, and promote the fair advancement of human rights in the international community. By doing so, they have organized and promoted their agenda through not only political lobbying and volunteer efforts, but have also pursued the academic challenges regarding international issues.

Clashes also emerged on the borders between countries, with minority groups taking the opportunity to have their voices heard. During the revolutionary period, there were also concerns as to how the authorities reacted and this again suggested that there was likely to be a resulting period of discontent which would clear the way for a new improved approach to many fundamental areas, including human rights [3]. Although the likely reason for the Arab Spring can be attributed to general discontent with the role of local government, it is argued in the research that whenever there is a dramatic uprising of this nature opportunity is seen in the aftermath, when it comes to establishing a new improved approach to all aspects of government, from offering political stability, to ensuring that the regions provide greater security to the individuals within those regions.

The overall aim of this research is to monitor the way in which human rights have been dealt with in the Middle East, both prior to and after the Arab Spring, with a view to identifying a potential way forward, for the future. The question raised, here, is deemed to be particularly important in the current climate, as it will identify means whereby the actual uprisings of this nature are the catalyst for dramatic change, in terms of fundamental rights, such as human rights [4]. Having entered this period of change the aim of this research is to establish an appropriate framework that can be followed in the future development of Human Rights in the area.

Although the revolutionary period saw a dramatic and potentially inspiring display of action from the public, across the region, the magnitude of the challenges that are now being faced across the region is becoming clearer.

The importance of this research, therefore, is to consider the impact that this period in history will have on the development of human rights in the region. Therefore, in order to achieve this objective, it will be necessary to look at human rights, prior to the uprising, as well as how they are now being dealt with, in the aftermath.

The challenges, and crucially the way in which these challenges are being dealt with, will offer valuable information to any organisation looking to improve human rights in the region, especially when the region is undergoing a dramatic period of change. It is for this reason that the research is particularly appropriate, at this point in time, as information can be gathered from the experiences in the Middle East that may then be the applicable, elsewhere. In order to undertake this research, it is proposed that the focus will be on an inductive style of research which will involve observing findings and activities across a broad range of organisations, some of which are within the governments of the various countries affected and others are third party non-governmental organisations which are focussed on improving human rights, in the area [5].

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It is anticipated that these will be obtained from agencies working in the area such as Oxfam or the Red Cross. As noted in the proposed methodology, drawing on existing literature in the area, including government and non-government sources will form an important and central part of this research. The World Report , written by the Human Rights Watch organisation, looked specifically at the uprisings in the Middle East and raised questions as to how this would potentially impact on human rights, within the region [6].

According to the report, it was recognised that the Arab Spring was hugely influential in the development of human rights, in the region; however, it was also stated that creating a democratic, self-respecting state was not something that would happen in a matter of a few months, despite the revolutionary nature of the changes. It was noted in this report that a region which has previously been subject to a dictatorial regime, when left to behave independently, does not necessarily mean that there will be an automatic improvement in human rights; therefore, the difficulty for the path from the current situation to creating a democratic and fair society should not be underestimated [7].

Other research in this area has suggested that the dramatic events which took place in and actually arose over a prolonged period of time and did not suddenly arise from nowhere, as the media reports may have suggested, at the time. The issues that have arisen in the Middle East will be considered in the context of wider theoretical perspectives of human rights and how these rights emerge within modern society as well as how they should be protected. For example in the case of Marx it was argued that the only reason that human rights needed to be established at all was to support the capitalist developments and this reliance on natural rights should be viewed as paramount [9].

When looking towards the future, there is considerable uncertainty from academics and practitioners as to how this revolutionary period is likely to play out, in the future and whether or not these dramatic changes in the region are going to create a suitable framework for the protection of human rights, or whether there is a danger that the situation will become worse, before it gets better.

This presents the argument that whilst dictatorial rule can be damaging to human rights, creating such a high level of uncertainty within the region can also create similar problems [11]. It is anticipated that the research will take place over a period of three years, with the timeframe being necessary, in order to explore the potential changes and to observe how the region develops, in the coming months, which may be hugely influential to the ultimate findings of this research.

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The main period of the research will be spent analysing the existing position, drawing on all current literature in this area, before identifying how the situation is now developing and whether or not the suggested theories associated with the development of human rights in the region are being experienced or not, in practice, as time goes on. Due to the transient nature of this research, it is anticipated that several aspects will need to be revisited, on an ongoing basis, and it is therefore a relatively time-consuming project, albeit crucially important, at this dynamic period of time.

Dealing with issues such as human rights, particularly in a volatile political arena, has substantial ethical issues and care must be taken to ensure anonymity, particularly when collecting any primary research that may be available. Gathering data in this area is likely to be emotive and personal; therefore, ensuring sufficient balance of research will be a critical aspect of presenting the most balanced viewpoint possible, as regards to future options [12]. The references identified here are the starting point of the research and it is likely that this will be extended substantially, as the research is undertaken.

Arthur, Paige. In Human Rights Quarterly , , May, pp. Berger, Lars. The Missing Link?

Human rights thesis proposal
Human rights thesis proposal
Human rights thesis proposal
Human rights thesis proposal
Human rights thesis proposal
Human rights thesis proposal
Human rights thesis proposal
Human rights thesis proposal

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